Everything you need to know to about playing at the 119th Street Tennis Courts

How do I play?

These are public courts. Anyone can play here. It's free if you are a holder of current NYC Parks Dept season tennis permit. You can also purchase a "Single Play" ticket from the Parks Department, which functions as a Day Permit. Season permits are $100 for adults ($10 for juniors, $20 for seniors, 62 or over) and are available through the Parks Dept. website.

Do I need to be a member to play? What’s the difference between membership and a tennis permit?

You do not need to be a 119th Tennis Association member to play on these public courts. Membership alone does not allow you to play. A NYC Parks Season Tennis permit or a Single Play Ticket is all that's required. 119TA members, like anyone else, must have one of the two. 119TA membership is a $50 tax-deductible donation to the Riverside Park Conservancy that goes to support the enhancement of the public courts.

Do I need a reservation?

You do not need a reservation, although limited reservations are available on-line for a $15 fee. Most of the courts are assigned on a fist-come/first-serve basis for the next available hour and the hour following.  The next available hour means the next open hour. It might be the next hour, or if that is full, it might be two hours away.

Can I sign up in advance?

You cannot sign in advance unless the intervening hours are already filled up. For example, you cannot come in the morning and sign up for an evening court. In-person signups are always the next available hour and hour after that.

How do I make a reservation to play?

visit the New York City Park's website for details and to make a reservation. The rest of courts are assigned on a first-come/first serve basis for the next available spot only.

Do I have to wait there after I sign up?

No. Once you know what time your court assignment is, you're free to go. Be sure to return at least 5 minutes after your assigned hour or you will lose your court.

Can I call the courts?

No. There is no phone at the tennis courts.

Do you give lessons?

No, we do not. However, lessons are available from a concessionaire. The current concessionaire is TennisInnovators.