about the 119TA

a community tennis association

About the 119th STreet Tennis Association

The 119th Street Tennis Association is a volunteer user group of the Riverside Park Conservancy, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving Riverside Park in partnership with the New York City Parks Department.

Membership is $50 a year and is a tax-deductible donation to the Riverside Park Conservancy. All dues and donations to the 119TA are used to purchase court needs and amenities such as nets, windscreens, brooms, court dividers, squeegees, trash buckets, etc.

Currently, the 119TA has about 100 members and raises $7,000 each year through membership dues, donations and program fees. Members do not have playing privleges over non-members, but do have the ability to play in the tournaments, the fees from which also go to support the upkeep of the tennis experience at 119.

The 119TA is overseen by a volunteer Steering Committee.

There is no better way to support the public 119th Street Tennis Courts than by joining the 119TA.

Tournaments and Events at 119TA are Sponsored by

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